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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ is a collection of frequently asked questions. It should help to solve problems on a easy way. In case your question cannot be answered here then you can post it at the forum. If this won't help you either then write a short e-mail to webhomez@web.de.

What are Homepage Templates?
Homepage templates are premade website designs which are fully functional and only need to be adjusted and filled with content. A lot of webmasters use templates, because graphics, design and lay out are already made and therefore it safes a lot of time.
How may the templaes be used?
The templates may be used and shared (with your friends, via e-mail...) freely and may be used for commercial and private use.
The templates may not be sold or offered on media like CD-Roms or for download (free or commercial) on other websites without the permission of WebHomez.net.
What do I need to use the templates?
You will need a zip program (like WinZip or Power Archiver), as the templates are achived in .zip files. And of course you will need a program to edit HTML files. We suggest FirstPage by EVRSOFT. The program is free and give you everything you need to edit HTML files.
How do I use the templates?
The templates are to used like every other website and HTML file, they just have one advantage. The layout and design is already done, you will only have to put your content on the templates.
I have problems to sign up what now?
Please try to sign up just like described on the site. In case it still won't work please send an e-mail to: webhomez@web.de with an exact description of your problem.
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